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How to Edit Menus in WordPress

In this tutorial we will cover how to add, remove and edit menu items in WordPress, specifically the main navigation menu. We will be using the ‘Customise’ menu to make our changes (so we can see a live preview as we work) but it should be noted you can also edit menus via the WordPress Dashboard at Main Menu > Appearance > Menus.

Your WordPress theme may be different to ours, but the theory is the same. If you run into any problems trying this yourself Wandering Webmaster offers on-demand support and can usually have your problem fixed within 24 hours.

Download this tutorial for later

Step 1 – Log into your WordPress Dashboard

First access your WordPress dashboard. You can normally find it by adding “/wp-admin/” at the end of your websites url, for example:

Once on your WordPress dashboard, it should look similar to this:

Step 2 – Go to your homepage and click ‘Customise’

You can access your website once logged in by hovering over the website name in the top menu and clicking ‘Visit Site’ after that, click ‘Customise’

Step 3 – Navigate the Customisation menu and click ‘Menu’’

Here you can find a list of each Menu on your website. We will be modifying the ‘Primary Menu’ which is the main navigation menu of our website. 

Click on ‘Primary Menu’

Step 4 – Make your changes

Menu items can be dragged and dropped or edited by clicking on them. In the next steps we will cover Reordering and Adding menu items.

To see a preview of your changes as you edit them navigate to an area on your website containing the menu you’re working on.

Adding Items

To add a menu item, click the ‘Add Item’ button at the bottom of your menu item list. A slide out menu will appear where you can choose what you would like to add. Use the drop downs to choose a page, post, link to a category or tag (We suggest creating the page or item you wish to add prior to adding it to a menu)

If you would like to link to an external url or a specific item within your website use the Custom Links option.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for you can use the search menu at the top.

Reordering Menu Items

Click the ‘Reorder’ button at the bottom of your menu item list then use the arrows to rearrange your menu items. When your done, click the ‘Done’ button.

Step 5 – Click Publish

When you have finished your edits. Be sure to click Publish to make your changes live.


You have just edited a menu within your WordPress website!

If you run into any issues, need some help or would like to have something edited for you contact Wandering Webmaster for a free estimate! We’re here to help any time.

Written by Dan S.


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