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How to merge categories in Shopify

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Step 1

Access your Shopify Dashboard

First access your shopify dashboard. You can find it at

Step 2

Go to Products

In the left menu click ‘Products’

Step 3

Click More Filters

Click on ‘More Filters’ found in the buttons above your products

Step 4

Click Collection

We want to filter our products and select only the ones in the collections we no longer need, to do this first click on ‘Collection’ under the more filters menu

Step 5

Select the collection you want to remove and click Done

In our case we want to merge the ‘Trending Now’ collection into the ‘Just Landed’ collection. We are removing the Trending Now collection, so we select this and click Done

Step 6

Check All and click ‘Select all 50+’

We want to change the settings of all these items. To do so we click the checkbox at the top left of the product list and then click ‘Select all 50+ products in your store’

Step 7

Click ‘More Actions’ then ‘Add to collection(s)’

First we need to add all the products to the collection we are keeping. To do this we click ‘More Actions’ then ‘Add to collection(s)’

Step 8

Click ‘More Actions’ then ‘Add to collection(s)’

Select the collection you want to merge into and click Save

Step 9

Click ‘Collections’ in the main menu

Now that our products have been added to the collection we are keeping we can go ahead and delete the old one. To do this, first click ‘Collections’ under Products, in the main menu

Step 10

Click on the collection you want to remove

Step 11

Scroll all the way down the bottom and click ‘Delete Collection’

A popup will ask if you’re sure, click yes


You have successfully merged a Shopify collection with another collection.

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For more information see the Shopify Help Page

Written by Dan S.


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