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Website Optimizer FAQs
What are the key benefits of using this product?
It gives you a trouble-free website and ensures that you are getting seen online so you can win the customers you want. It does so by offering SEO, real-time alerts, audit issues, keywords and competitor updates and overall website performance.
Why is SEO Important for my business?
SEO for your website is important as it ensures that your business is getting seen and chosen online by your potential customers by being at the top of search engine results.
How can my business rank higher on search engines?
Search engines rank a business based upon a number of aspects that the product automatically improves for you including focusing upon keywords, updating and adding your sitemap, and optimizing the website to perform at its best.
What are the real-time alerts I'll receive?
You will receive important real-time alerts to make sure you know that your website is working properly at all times. These alerts include security alerts for when bugs are detected, when your website is crawling, competitor alerts and downtime alerts.
How easy is it to set up and start using?
We have perfected it to be accessible to anyone no matter their understanding of SEO products. It only takes a few moments to set up and barely any training is needed to get started improving your website.
Does it improve the visuals of my website?
It focuses on ensuring your business gets found online to win more customers. It doesn’t change the visuals or set-up of your website but instead makes sure it’s working at its best and at the top of search engines so you can get the customers you need.
What are the main analytics it provides?
It provides you with analytics on many different aspects of your website including SEO, performance, security, backlinks, mobile friendliness.
Will my customers know I'm using this product?
No, it works in the background and doesn’t appear anywhere on your site for your customers. It’s for your eyes only.
How often do I need to use it?
The product works automatically. Once set up you’re good to go. You’ll receive real-time alerts and updates to keep you in the loop and every time you check it you have a better chance of using the analytics to improve your ranking.
Is this integrated with Executive Report and Activity Stream?
At present no, it is not.

Written by Dan S.


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