Website Optimizer

Win more customers with a trouble-free website. Detect bugs, and get real-time alerts and ranking analytics

Key Features


Stay ahead of the competition

Clearly view your search engine rankings on crucial keywords for your business to help you get chosen over competitors. We’ll even give a breakdown of who you’re up against and how you can improve.

Take control of your website

Improve your site yourself with the help of our easy-to-use tool so you can save money on unnecessary support costs.

Created for everyone

No need to worry about being an SEO whizz, our tool was created to be accessible to anyone so you can start using it right after straight after installation.

Let us do the work

Sit back and relax as Website Optimizer automatically indexes your website on all search engines and makes and submits a sitemap to all major search engines. Website Optimizer will then continue to monitor your website and send you automated alerts if your site goes down.

Relied upon worldwide

Website Optimizer is trusted by thousands of businesses to help get their business found and chosen online by the customers they want.

Why It Matters


SEO Optimisation Made Simple

It can be overwhelming looking for the right SEO tool for your business, with an excessive market and a host of overly complex software to choose from. With this product, we have made it simple by ensuring everything is done automatically, so you can get on with running your business while we make sure your website gets found and chosen online.

The results?

Better online visibility

Improved rankings

Increased traffic

A superior user experience

Clear and Simple Reporting

Website Optimizer is an automated website SEO tool built to get your business potential customers and untapped profits. You don’t need to be an expert to use it, once set up it automatically gets to work to enhance your site including:

Providing clear information on your site’s performance

Updating the sitemap and seamlessly indexing your website

Detecting bugs or when your page is down

Sending you real-time alerts about any issues with your site

Managing your backlinks and keywords

Keeping you up to date with your competitors and how to out-rank them



Feature Comparison


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Website Optimizer

Help & Support


We've Got Your Back

24/7 live chat is available for hosting support. Plus you can call on a Virtual Assitant for anything from Marketing Assistance, Web Design Help, Graphic Design Work, Social Post Curation & More! Included free in all Managed Plans or by the hour

Managing Your Business Online Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

This and other powerful digital tools are accessible from your Business Dashboard

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